About Talgai Stud


Talgai Santa Gertrudis stud & Hay Suppliers is managed by Malcolm and Chick Gadsby who reside at Glenora, a 565 hectare (1400 acre) property in the Goomburra Valley to the east of Allora.  Glenora  is situated at the foot of a spur of the Great Dividing Range and runs up the valleys into iron bark and gum trees with natural pastures, Blue grass, Bambatsi and Rhodes grasses.

The Talgai aggregation on three different properties totals 1,372 hectares (3,390 acres) namely Talgai Homestead 323 hectares (800 acres), Glenora 565 hectares (1,400 acres) and Uruga 323 hectares (800 acres) in the Victoria Hill district, Allora has a two kilometers frontage of the Condamine River with permanent water at all times. Another leased block Glen Hill 186 hectares (460 acres) is operated across the road from Uruga.

Talgai is one of the few remaining testaments to the golden age of the Darling Downs. The Heritage listed homestead takes centre place on this fertile and productive piece of farming country where Talgai Santas graze on natural pastures as well as introduced species such as Bambatsi and Rhodes grasses. A large portion of Talgai is under cultivation growing corn and sorghum as the principal grain crops. Another 40 of the Talgai stud females are maintained at the Talgai property.

The Hay Operation is run on the irrigation block at Uruga on the Condamine River where  Lucerne, Oaten, Barley & Forage Sorghum Hay is grown and this is under the watchful eye of Russ Weir.

The females’ bloodlines in the stud consist of Talgai, Bowenfels, Robenlea, Goonoo, Marston, Kelly Wallah & Doondi, with a 150 classified females. The aim is to sell approximately 20 good bulls a year, as well as a handful of classified heifers. What doesn’t make the grade, are grown out to Jap-Ox and sold to local meatworks.

Introduced into the herd in 2004 was Oakdale Whiskey who has been a proven sire with success with his progeny, in both Sale & Show ring.  Sadly the gentle giant Whiskey passed away in late August 2009.

Sires genetics used at present are Talgai Arnie, Drensmaine Utah (P), Oakdale Yeoman, and last year we purchased Tyndale Earthquake (P) for $18,000.

An A.I. program is done every year by utilizing different genetics such as, Talgai Castlemaine (P), Oakdale Whiskey, Dangarfield, Rosevale, & Moongana bloodiness. Our aim is to have structural soundness, temperament and fertility.

Our highlight achievement for the stud was topping the Heartland Sale in 2009 with Talgai Castlemaine (P) for $34,000. Castlemaine was named Res Junior Champion in 2008 and Res Senior Champion in 2009 at The Royal Brisbane Show.